WIP7: Bug Report

Installed the latest version of WIP 7 and it wouldn’t load upon opening it. Noticed that the splash screen was hanging on Rhino Legacy Render and Rhino Bonus Tools.

Ran Rhino 7 wip in safe mode, disabled both of the above. Rhino 7 would then load and I could load those 2 plugins. Seems to be fine after that.

Noticed this happening on the previous 7 release as well.

@taddvs a couple things come to mind:

  1. is your Rhino WIP installed in the C:\Program Files\Rhino WIP folder or C:\Program Files\Rhino 7 WIP folder? If the former, please uninstall Rhino WIP and reinstall it.

  2. Perhaps there’s something a little amiss with your installation - can you please try repairing the Rhino WIP installation from Control Panel / Programs & Features?