WIP 8 still barely usable

first of all sorry if that is just another rant, i am sure there are many positive points to praise, but here just a very few negative i have not managed to ignore.

Metal slower than Legacy OpenGL

using a MacStudio with an M1 Ultra, Metal does not seem to do anything good, its rather jittery and lags behind the mouse when panning and rotating the view on normal non complex geometry. I have read several reports that it should actually improve the performance compared to Open GL. What is happening? I would say Open GL feels almost normal, almost because the only positive difference i see in regards of Metal now is that it seems to handle a viewport filled with multiple entities better than Open GL, BUT something Open GL handled well enough before all those changes (looking at Apple and McNeel)

UI is a mess

we now have floating panels and can stack them together like industry standard ok, love it… BUT it is currently very poorly executed.

the only way to move a floating panel is to undock if from itself (why the hell), and you dare want to move it slightly to the right it will just dock right back again. and how are you supposed to move 2 tabs in one container? right now you have to undock one tab move it strangely away from itself then undock the 2nd 3rd etc tab separately and join them back into one container… OH EM GEE.

single panels still show a tab which is a waste of area and does not help cleaning up the UI at all…

when i undock the Commandbar (pointing out that it seems to work normal when its docked into the side) with the tools entering commands for regular human life forms which do not type at 20 hits per seconds is strictly impossible, i am a fast typer but barely manage if i concentrate but actually not really most of the time. it autocompletes the next best command starting with those letters and changing/deleting the command is not possible anymore. i have mentioned that quite a long time ago but nobody responded as usual (feeling ignored has become a standard unfortunately) just for size try the command testmetal. start typing t and wait a split second if you really must then try to finish the word, the wrong command does not delete and does not allow to change anyhow.

just a question
i assume that themes and tool palettes in the preferences are now gone due to the customizability of Rhino? i am ok with i would just like to know whats happenings, also font substitution is missing what i see, but i guess there are still changes on the way.

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