Windows python editor - autocomplete stopped working for one script

Very odd. I have one script where the autocomplete for any imported modules does not work. When typing import… the autocomplete comes up and works for the modules themselves, but for example if I have import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs up at the top, none of the rs… methods autocomplete further down. Same with any modules, even native Python ones like time.

And it’s only one script that does that, in the next tab, it works. If I copy and paste all the text over to a new tab, it still doesn’t work. There must be something in the script itself… Can’t figure it out. Attached below… (3.3 KB)

Seems to be the tile notes. If i shorten it to be 3 lines only, autocompletes. It also autocompletes if i remove the title notes completely.


Autocomplete fails because it thinks the 2nd line of the docstring is a “from” statement.

Ahhh… wacky bug ! --Mitch