Windows and Doors Table

Hi there,

I am trying to do a table of doors and windows and I am struggling to get this things anddd don’t know if its even possible:

1 - organize doors and windows by level in the table instead of elevation and make the elevation according to the level. For example: elevation of 1.5m in the 2 level.

2 - organize same door and window profile with same label. For example: All doors with .80cm x 2.1m would be tagged as P1 independent on the level they are on so they could also be quantified together. Is it possible for tagging be the same for profiles that are equal?

3 - Change name of doors and windows to my language, is it possible??

also, some quick off-topic, but ever since VA3 beta, ther “other” profile doesn’t show up anymore the height and width of doors and windows

Hi @Leonardo_G_Pate

There is no property indicating the Level where an object is located, or a property that tells you the elevation of an object in relation to the level where they are. You can create these two properties as custom parameters, assign the values to the geometry and list them in the tables (the values calculation and assignment can be automated using Grasshopper).

How have you assigned the tags to objects? when running the vaOpeningElevation command, the assignment of tags is done automatically based on openings with the same style, dimensions and opening side. But you can also do it in Grasshopper with your desired criterion.

Your language is Portuguese, right? you can change the language of VisualARQ to Portuguese, and the object types will be listed in that language.

This issue happens when using VA with the Rhino Dark mode. I recall we fixed that in the VA3 Beta 5. Which one are you using?
In any case, the arrow is there, next to the “Profile” text, even if you don’t see it. Just click next to it to see the profile dimension fields.

Thanks, the problem is that I am not very fluent in grasshopper and don’t really know how to stablish this criteries. I am even worst with VA sistem inside grasshopper.

Sure it can be tagged, but it just count them randomly, it doesn’t appear to have a clear sequence and it will tag each opening different, even if they are the same opening but located in different.

Where can i change the VA language? I didn’t saw it in any visualarq or tool tab in rhino.

Also, now in the opening elevation, it is giving the same tag for different windows. I really don’t get it.