Openings and tags

Hello everyone, is possible to enumerate the openings, doors and windows so the dors and windows on the lower levels are counted earlier than the higher floors?

Example: I have 6 doors, 4 in the first floor and 2 in the second flor, those 4 form the 1° level would be D1 -D4 and upper levels D5 and D6.

Also, is possible to separate them by the levels?

Hi @Leonardo_G_Pate,

This is possible with Grasshopper. I have created a couple of definition for each of the tasks:

Enumerate (7.6 KB)
Separate doors by (13.3 KB)

Please, let me know if you have any questions.


thanks man!

i openned here and there is a problem that the script is not counting the 1° floor (ground). So the 1° set of doors are getting from the 1 (ground) and 2 floors.

Hello @Leonardo_G_Pate,

The problem is “Level 2” is a bit over your slab, so doors anchor point is actually in the level “Floor 1”, as it is classified by the definition.

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hummm makes sense man! thanks!