Will anybody help me with this image?

I’m really exhausted about this product image you know it’s a practice project so I just wanted to try this one will anybody help with this?


I’m talking about [this top pump] the first one on the left.

The secret is to break it down into smaller, simpler primitives and to go from there.



I was talking about these “red marks”. how do I make it become a 3D surface?

you see that button that has a long pipe on it?

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Hello - if you do a search on line for ‘Lotion Pump’ there are plenty of reference images -


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You also may fine-tune the search on internet by adding the keywords : Patent, diagram and schematic
You will find various technical information about the assembly parts.

It may help to figure out how to start your modelling.

See ie. on ‘patent encyclopedia’ website

Rodolfo Santos


please help me with this only I’ve tried several times.

you see the black pump? i just want to learn this top button only. i’ve searched everywhere to find this technique.

Another corporate licence? Better switch it to educational :wink:

@Piotr please give me some solution for this thread

There you go:

210512_BestPumpSolution_00.3dm (65.1 KB)

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