Why is this a open polysurface?

I can see that there is a gap with turning on showedges but I can’t figure out how to solve this… What sould I do?

csavartcsésze.3dm (785.8 KB)

Hello - there is a bit to do here - if you look closely at the top edges, you’ll see there is a problem at each surface seam on the inside:

I think you must have used OffsetSrf, possibly?

If so, you need to clen up your outer surfaces first and make those transitions truly tangent to the larger faces - then offsetting has a chance of making the right thing.

these guys need to be tangent.

One way to do this from what youve got now is to RebuildUV these surfaces in V with 4 points

Then MatchSrf them for tangency only, match by closest points, preserve isocurve direction.

Like so:

csavartcsésze_BetterSurfaces.3dm (427.0 KB)

Then, Join and offset.

See help on the above commands if they are new to you.


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Yes, I used OffsetSrf , would there be a better was to do this?

I am quite new in using rhino :frowning:

It also looks like you chose the wrong template when you started the model.
I think you would be better off with Small Objects - Millimeters considering the size of your model.

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Thank you for your help!