Why should I save the scene if I saved it before?

I tried to close Rhino 7 after I saved my project and will be ask to save my project.


Screen Shot 03-03-21 at 03.46 PM

Hi Micha - the next time you see this, please Esc and then run the command
testDocModified and capture the feedback that appears on the command line.


This is the result:

@stevebaer - when I use testDocModified I get some information at the command line indicating, I assume, what made the modification - in Micha’s case, it looks like that is not provided - does this mean it was a plug-in, or am I expecting the wrong thing from this?


Most likely this is from a plug-in (possibly even one of ours). I modified the code in RhinoCore.dll to mark who is modifying the document, but haven’t extended this beyond this large core set of code.

@Peter.Chaushev It looks like it is V-Ray related. I did a test:

  • Fresh start of Rhino 7
  • draw a box
  • save the file
  • close Rhino → no problem

  • Fresh start of Rhino 7
  • draw a box
  • apply a V-Ray 5 material, switch to Cuda and start a quick render
  • save the file
  • close Rhino → problem

It looks like the V-Ray Frame Buffer is at fault in this case. Thank you for reporting it!
It is now logged for investigation by the V-Ray for Rhino dev team.

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