Why is the bounding box so much bigger than the object in this case?

Is this a bug of Bounding Box.gh (115.8 KB)
organic building_windows.3dm (543.7 KB)

I like to understand why the bounding box is so much bigger than the object.
Is this a bug?
The geometry has been internalized inside the GH file. No need to open the 3DM.
Thank you very much!

Hi -

I’ve added this sample to RH-69696 Grasshopper: BoundingBox is larger than expected


If you open the GH file in R7 without opening the .3dm file, the brep input to DeBrep is a “large” box.

When the Rhino file is opened, it comes the smaller smooth shape in your image. Something is weird.

Oh, wait! If you disconnect DeBrep the smaller smooth shape is visible. Again, R7.



Hi Joseph -

FWIW, I created a new .gh file and attached that to the YT item… It shouldn’t have any of the issues that you noted here.

The exact same problem happens in GH2 btw. Somehow either the process of baking whatever the offending shape is fixes it, or perhaps the BoundingBox command in Rhino is does a lot more than just call the underlying SDK function. Haven’t had a chance to dig into this properly.

Using just a box component, the result looks correct…



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Hey,guys, I just like to ask, hmm… just a question, just curious, is there anyway or any possibility that you guys will reward some person(me?) a free Rhino or Bongo license if that person(me again?) find out / contribute to find out 1000 bugs?

A thousand?!?

I don’t work for McNeel, but if you were so passionate about finding bugs in their product (in a good faith, productive way) that you filed 1,000 correct and competently written-up bug reports for independent bugs then if they know what they’re doing they’d be sending you a job offer, not just a free copy.