Why does't toolbarreset reset this?

Hi all,

Suppose I mistakenly enlarge the command window. How do I get it back to default? I ran ToolbarReset and then restarted Rhino but the window still looked like this…

Hello - you should be able to drag the lower edge up…? Otherwise, testResetWindowPositions.


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Hi Pascal,

Thank you, it kind of worked…

It made my side panel disappear but I can bring that back up. I don’t understand why it is so hard to reset the rhino workspace back to factory settings. One single command should do this.

I don’t know if this is the defautl side panel, I think the default comes with “Help” tab?

I know I am being a little picky about this, but I just want a template file that is 100% default, and then have my document and toolbar templates apart from the default. I already made changes without saving them on a new template and I just want to go back to zero.

Hello - so, you’re saying, if I understand, that dragging the bottom edge of the command area did nothiing to resize it?


It does, I am able to resize it by dragging it, I just do not know what is the default size… maybe this case is the minimum and I just need to drag it up until it stops. But same applies to the left side panel (layers, etc). Sometimes I drag it by mistake and then I can’t go back to default size just by dragging because I do not know the exact default size.

Hello - the default height is 3. (just curious, why does that matter?) You can check this, and set it, if need be in Options > Advanced:

Clicking on the down arrow lets you set the value, and also see the default value.


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