Why does Rhino fail to fillet the edges of the hole in this model?


(Alex) #1

Solidworks can handle the filleting very easily but rhino fails. Why?
The model was created using Clayoo 2.5
Please guide me.
Untitled.3dm (9.8 MB)


In my experience you are better off when the software doesn’t let you get away with these things.

That interior pipe you have is twisting into itself at the bend.

Exterior edges are all distorted in strange ways.

There is a simple and elegant way to this in rhino. (see attached)

(Alex) #3

would you recommend not to use clayoo or any other SubD plugin in Rhino and just model everything using Rhino(curves and surfaces)?


Well I do use Tsplines every so often but honoestly you can do it all with vanilla rhino.

VSR on the other hand I wouldn’t give away for a million dollars.

(Pascal Golay) #5

Hello - the problem is that Rhino’s FilletEdge does not have the ability to jump across surfcaces that are consumed by the fillets and attach to an edge that is not on the selected edge. So, if you select the red edges, the fillets will most likely need to attach to surfaces outside the blue edges. FilletSrf can make the correct fillets but you need to do this face by face, not very convenient for this type of construction.



yes, probably you could do this with pipe - trim - blendsrf.

But you wouldn’t want to.