How to fillet this solid?

I used Clayoo to make this very simple model and then converted it into Rhino’s native surface. Using the Rhino, I cut off a part from the edge area of the cube. Now, I wanna fillet it. I used filletsrf command to fillet but even manual trimming fails. Please guide me.
Untitled.3dm (870.6 KB)

fixed.3dm (856.4 KB)

Hi, the cutting surface was wrongly constructed. Check the solution.

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How did you solve it? Can you please explain it more?


  1. In top view design a curve you like for cutting.

  2. Extrude said curve

  3. trim

4: join all surf

  1. filletedge

  2. profit

Dont try to make a surface that will fit a complex edge. Make a simple surface - cut and let the software do the calculating.

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Your model has serious continuity problems that should have caused the fillet to fail. Instead you get you get a broken fillet. This is a fairly simple form that would be better handled completely with nurbs.

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