Why catmull-clark invalid mesh

Hi, All
I have a problem that need your professionals give me some explaination.
I have a texture like below

When I use Catmull clark to smooth mesh, it works well

But when I use sporph to map on this double curved surface, it cannot generate a valide mesh.

Is there some limit for catmull-clark?
Thanks in advance for those who can help to answer my question :smiley: !

there are more invalid mesh than with old Rhino version. Use some tools to clean the mesh and bad faces (no surface), edges (no length) or others problems (a quad that is a triangle => 2 coincident points…) will be removed and mesh will be valid.
Pufferfish has a component for that.

Thanks Laurent !
I will try your suggestions :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Rebuild Mesh component in Pufferfish (most usually weld input)

Thank you Michael !