Problems to repair an Invalid Mesh

Hey there, i am working on refining an object created in 3dsMax and imported to rhino as stl-file. But as i import them and make a quadmesh from it, i get some closed and some open meshes. To close the open once i am trying to fix them in gh with different components but i guess it is not that easy i thought it might be because it doesn`t work.
Would be amazing if somebody has any idea how to fix small holes in a mesh.

What does that area look like in Max? I would import it into rhino as an Obj file and generate the stl inside of rhino.

Upload your mesh, my guess is it could be a welding and removing unused verts that can fix it. Also, that Pufferfish Close Mesh component is outdated, use the one from version 2.8

Hey thanks, yeah i found out that the mesh from the stl is the main problem.