Why can't i SwapUVs of multiple surfaces at once?

I have a bunch of surfaces. having to run the command a thousand times is getting kinda old.

It is strange the Swap option isn’t available for multiple surfaces, but I think Grasshopper’s Lunchbox has a reverse surface command that might help in the meantime to batch swap. Or this tool, courtesy of @djordje if you want even more control.

select the surfaces
run the _Dir command
go to Swap U V mode
choose Flip All

(on mac… but i imagine it would work the same on windows)

Correct; the same on Windows


Ha, yes - thanks. I missed the mode option for multiple selected objects, too. Having the command line options change like that between 1 and multiple selected is a bit unintuitive…

yeah, i guess any modal style operation opens up the possibility of a less intuitive UI (or in this case, it’s basically a mode inside a mode).

it works out pretty well though once you get a grasp on it because you can do multiple things with a single selection set… i.e.- you can choose to flip all the normals in flip normal mode then switch to Swap UV mode and click on individual surfaces to change only their UV instead of the entire selection… all while still in the single use of the Dir command…

if it weren’t set up the way it is, you’d have to run the Dir command multiple times on different selection sets in order to accomplish the same thing… (or have a separate command like _DirMultiple to work on multiple surfaces and _Dir for single surfaces)

anyway, the way it’s set up now is probably the least amount of clicks for the user when various scenarios are considered. (as well as allowing a single command to work on both single object and multiple selections sets)