Wish: Dir_ command direct useable for multiple selection


for example I have an air plane interior with a TFT at each seat. The TFT is a single surface, but the texture at all TFT surfaces is in the wrong direction. I miss to select all surfaces and to easy switch the UV like I can do for a single selected surface. Please add the full functionality for multiple selection.

At the moment I can switch a mode and than I need to click on the surfaces again. Also very missed is an immediately visual feedback of the shown texture, not only of the direction arrows.


Good idea Micha, I see what you mean when you switch the mode in Dir with multiple selections active.

Does rotating the texture in the material or the objects UVs make this any easier for you? Also, Rendered mode or a custom display that shows the rendering material would give you the visual update. Here’s a display mode example as well…

Shaded_TexUV.ini (11.5 KB)

Hi Brian, I would prefer the surface dir way, because it’s the basic way and should be the easiest and quickest.

Rotating the texture brings me to an other problem that I have on my list - per dir->flipU I can mirror a texture. This function is very missed at the texture mapping controls, rotating isn’t the same. I hope Andy can add it.

Hi Micha, Brian-

the FlipAll command line option should do what you want, no?


FlipAll flips the surface normals only, I need to flipU and flipV and switchUV for all selected surfaces.

Hi Micha- maybe I do not get the problem… see if this little clip makes any sense with what you are asking: SwapUV for the selection as a whole…


Thank you for the screencast, now I understand, it’s possible, but the way is long.

But why is it not possible to use the command so easy like for a single surface, where I can type in _dir and u/v/s/f and it’s done? For example the _rebuild command is always the same for single selection like for multiple selection.

Thanks Pascal, I missed that through user error! I wasn’t clicking FlipAll when in SwapUV mode, I guess I thought it should have said Swap all… but it works and I learned something new!

Hi Micha- the way it is implemented allows you to click to flip individual surfaces- if a selection of surfaces is not all the same, UVN wise, and you want to make them all the same, for example. I see that it is not optimized for all surfaces being the same and the user wanting to do the same thing to each.