Which graphics prog has cut tools just like Rhino?

Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer or Corel Draw, which cuts lines and curves just like Rhino does ?

I used to use Freehand but the cut tool is archaic compared to Rhino.

Designer appears to have no easy cut system at all, its as if they overlooked simple fast cutting. AI is probably still clunky so scares me off a bit, I know ex Freehand users who dislike AI still despite having to use it now. Corel was primitive compared to Freehand and AI, has it caught up ?

Just wondering which prog to try and get cheap to test ai exports in, and do graphics requiring cmyk etc, with work created initially in Rhino, though AI itself would be a suggestion for testing ai files !

Exported a load of closed curves as ai to be told they have mostly gone open, so some means of seeing what happens is needed.


Can you clarify what you mean by cut?

Inkscape is free, and is pretty capable. It imports older Adobe Illustrator v8 and prior formats, and the newer PDF based AI format which started on v9 or so.

trim and split commands.


Inkscape allow cutting open shapes with other open shapes, so you could split shape(s) to a line and later throw out what you don’t want. Tedious if you have a lot of entities.

Illustrator has a relatively new Shape Builder Tool which is pretty interactive in the way it split lines and curves that intersect. There are also several plugins from Astute Graphics that offer improved function.

If you need to extend lines, then there is no native tool in either one that can do that automatically that I am aware of. However, there are some Illustrator plugins from Astute Graphics that can.

I jump between Rhino and illustrator all the time. the shapebuilder tool gives you rhino like cutting tools. It dosen’t split tho. I’ve got an macro set up so I can quickly swap curves back and forth.

You might also want to look at ACDSee Canvas. It has a tool like split. But in my experience illustration programs in general are much more clumsy than CAD programs for most drawing functions.

Hi Steve,

I have problems using the illustration programs as well.
The approach to edit geometry is so different from CAD.
Sometimes I draw geometry in Rhino and import it into an illustration program…

The cut tool in CorelDraw is not that bad.