Where the badger 3d?

Why the web is closed? …! When can I download the latest version of it, thx!


have you seen this link ?


That link points to a 3-year-old trial-version, hosted at another site.
The original domain (badger3d.com) is down and seems to be expired.

Looks like they’re out of business. No updates, no support anymore.
But on the other hand, there wasn’t much updates anyway (only 1 or 2 since 2013, as far as i remember)

@andy can you help here ?


Oh boy - no “they” are not out of business (Badger is me), but something’s gone terribly wrong with the website. Sorry about this.

Feel free to download the trial version from there - I’ll try to get everything back up tomorrow (it’s a very long weekend here in Europe).

  • Andy

That is good to hear! I’m using badger since quite a while now (the full version) and since i figured out the problem with vray’s distributed rendering i’m absolutely happy with it.
(So, at least from my side, there’s no need for updates and support anyway) :wink:

Sound good, at least I know their very very helpful tools for rhino to alive, thx!


I can only get the demo from the link that was posted here and i cant seem to get any response from emailing the Badger team at ‘support@badger3d.com’. I’m pretty keen to buy it over the next week or so but the sales part of the page doesn’t work. My last resort is calling them on the phone number provided. Help! :-/

Any help or input appreciated!


I’m sure @andy will see this sooner rather than later.

i mailed and on here too. 9 days of evaluation left! :slight_smile:

Hi all

Sorry about this - we were victims of Kagi’s downfall a while back, and I’ve not been able to get it back up again since then. I do have a solution now though - I’m hoping this will start working next week.

  • Andy

Thanks Andy, will check again soon.


I’m still unable to buy Badger. Is there anyway i can find out about pricing / how to pay please?

I can always use Paypal or another means. I’ve a project coming in and it would be really useful for that!!

Getting a little bit frustrating :disappointed:



Try now - hopefully the new store should be working.

  • Andy

Thanks seems to be back now!