Where is Rhino 6?

OMG that video is like porn to a CAD user! lol :smile:

I don’t think Mergefaces has ever worked for me. Especially trimmed surfaces. Should work regardless trimmed or not.

If “Mergefaces” NEVER worked for You, I think it’s save to say the surface faces you wanted to merge were not coplanar.
“Mergefaces” can get wonky when you try to merge lots of faces. Sometimes it gets to the point where it doesn’t merge faces that should work, but usually when merging fails the respective faces are slightly out of coplanarity.

But I agree that Rhino should detect coplanar surfaces automatically when using boolean operations (and that’s only the beginning, some merging “intelligence” for filletedge and blendedge functions would be nice too)


That’s correct, it should work irrespective of surfaces being trimmed or no. Please post cases that do not work!

Yes, that is very cool and I have been looking at SpaceClaim since it first came out. Never really tried it though, but @DanBayn -is- a real user of SpaceClaim and frequently tells us of his experiences with this. That feedback and the price lands me back on my feet again real quickly…

There is software called Designspark Mechanical, its a Spaceclaim light based on Spaceclaim engine , same interface.

Some features are missing, and if i remember, you can’t import/export 3DM files, but it’s totally free, just need to register.

Try it.

Hi Pascal,

Here is a quick mock-up. Simple grid of rectangles intersecting to form a waffle. Booleaned together in the Cyan coloured sample, when you run MergeAllFace on this it produces bad surfaces on both top and bottom faces.

MergeAllFace_Test.3dm (1.0 MB)

I often avoid using this command - where ideally I really want too - as I know I will end up having to replace bad faces.


Hi David- thanks, I see it - I’ll see if we can fix this.

I have just downloaded and installed Rhino 6 WIP (though it was not easy to find. I have checked how CPU and GPU are utilised, and unfortunately it is still the same as in v5: practically no use of powerful GPU, while putting all stress to CPU. Will Rhino 6 take advantage of Nvidia Quadro cards?
See a screenshot: CPU-GPU utilisation

Rhino 6 WIP is out? Where can it be found?

No better GPU usage? Say that this isn’t true.

I moved this topic to this group.

I disliked both Jacgodl and Micha comments. Let’s don’t talk about liberal here, as a part of this group member at least, you should have a common sense that not showing relatively negative views on the software.

I don’t want to point a member here has been actively talking about the V6 development in xx forum which I personally think that’s an act of disrespect to the Mcneel company. It’s too early to talk about WIP in the public especially users with those biases and subjects that developers and most users are aware of but cannot get an exact answer.

Perhaps for experienced users that’s fine, but I don’t think it will give a positive impressions to the newcomers. I’m not talking about GPU vs CPU, it applies to any acute subject that is globally known. Another thing is if you are the member of this group, why would you talk here? I don’t understand this. When it comes to a sensitive subject or a thing that you are not 100% sure, why not send a private message to the Mcneel for detailed classifications?

Hey, not me. I wasn’t part of the WIP group and thought the WIP is released in the summer time. I know that beta stuff should keep in beta forums.

I’m sorry to comment about this here but I don’t feel the above is really appropriate… Both positive and negative comments are OK and even appreciated here, as long as the negative ones are generally aimed at improving the software, and do not get abusive or personally insulting.

This is not a publicity site for McNeel where only the positive side of things is revealed; it is one of the most open forums discussion on the net around their software products. Hopefully people coming here (even newcomers) will notice that and appreciate the willingness of McNeel to engage in discussion with their users and use that information to continue to develop their products.



When anyone chooses a software, they do research and compare. When they realize that a software is lack of some areas, they look for others. Nothing is perfect, but in this early stage, people shouldn’t be judgmental on things. It looks bad when you have an alternative way to talk about a specific topic. People asked me is V6 interface changed? I said I don’t know because I’m not the person can say where this is going though I can say it’s not. When people asked me what improvements? I said A LOT maybe beyond the scope of you can imagine, but I don’t say specific things although I’m excited about a lot of things. Those people are my friends who bought the licence.

What do you mean people come here? “Where” exactly? Then why not giving all people 100% transparency? That would be better from your perspective people would give a ton of feedback so that Rhinoceros could benefit from?. Openness sometimes creates chaos which beyond anyone can control. You can see the example from Serengeti group. Or, to understand the concept clearer, you can compare this to Edward Snowden’s case.

Let’s distinguish V5 and V6 topic. Of course people will say “bad” things about certain features. Everyone has experienced the frustration of buggy behaviors and the lack of performance. Those negative comments for V5 were not bad actually and users were talking about the truth. So there is no argument about V5.

But V6 is different, I hope you can see that and behave accordingly. I don’t think it’s mature to talk about the development in public which you seem to have different views. But from Mcneel perspective, those are not good signs. Would you like to have prejudices from others when you are not ready for something? Let’s don’t forget the context here, it’s not V5. I never heard of Form-Z developed Sub-D features until they actually released the software. Think about that, Mitch.

You didn’t get what I was trying to say, Mitch. I’m not talking about the characteristics about this forum which needless to say, everyone knows it. Newcomers can feel it. But, who cares when things cannot be done in Rhinoceros? People care about result not the progress. Those appreciations come after, Mitch. I don’t think you choose a service because of appreciation. Does appreciation matter when a service cannot meet your goal? I appreciate Nextlimit company, great people there, but I had to find an alternative way to get things done when Maxwell could produce things that I want to have. I hope you get what I’m trying to convince.

I never talked about comments about V5, in fact, I liked them a lot because those are the voices Mcneel should consider. But not V6, Mitch. I’m here to protect Mcneel’s development. And, I will be the first person get the commercial licence when V6 is released. Now I’m talking about appreciation.

Sorry about my broken English.

What part of “WIP” don’t you understand? Your observation is a big “So what?” and doesn’t contribute anything to V6 development. I know from previous versions that the WIPS frequently add and drop features and performance improves and worsens as development goes on.

Your basic attitude is, I think, sound. I think you are working yourself into a frenzy about it though. Relax. Enjoy the ride.

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That’s just my point… That’s neither your job nor mine… --Mitch

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I often need to switch to Rhino from modo or c4d or sketchup to produce what I need because those programs can’t do what Rhino can.

Hi guys,

Is there somewhere a list of new features / changes in the present V6 WIP as compared to V5 ?


The way I access to the new features (mostly commands) is the help menu in V6.