When unwrapping cylindrical form, its being slightly stretched.... but only on one side!

Hey there, I need to unwrap this shape so I can get it laser cut. However when unwrapping, the shape slightly stretches on one side of the model.

Does anyone know, whats going wrong?

Hello - Use UnrollSrf here, I think. You can force how the unroll splits up the part using UnjoinEdge (like between all the tabs) Can you post the file?


hey Pascal,

Thanks I will try that, think before when i tried unrollSrf it forced all the tabs to only connect by the corner. Anyways maybe the unjoinEdge will sort that problem out.

Here’s the file: unwrap file.3dm (468.0 KB)

Hello - yeah the tabs cannot stay fully attached at the base since the edge is curved there.That can’t happen on a fully developable thing - there would be some distortion in the sheet at those locations. I think you’ll have to fake it… I’ll see if I can come up with something - - probably I’d hand draw one tab on the unrolled cone part and ArrayCrv it out along the edge.
Another option is to simplify the construction to a series of flats, with strategically un-joined edges (red)

Then unroll that:


Ahh perfect, thanks!