What rhino commands do you use on a regular basis and think others don't know about?

(Stefania) #102

Cannot emphasize on how important the Right mouse Click is.
Right click works like the enter or rather an Accept key for almost about everything.


I agree. I find it so useful I sometimes catch myself trying to right click to enter when I’m not using Rhino.

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Not sure which came first. The twitching finger or the breakthrough in the middle of a night. Of course the latter usually ends up to a total disaster.

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Ah. For you too, then?


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I would be deeply worried if i did not have such nights! Part of the joy!
Hang on. You are Pascal. Cannot be true…

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hi @fraguada, This command is useful, but kind of lazy IMO. I wish it did more. For example:

  1. Create a solid from not fully 6 sided surfaces, implying open planar holes as a face of the solid

  2. Also the double trick above shows how the resulting faces have been re-topologized to be edge surfaces/ no trims)


Wow, I’m glad to read all these responses.

To be honest, I think one of the useful commands for me is _RefreshShade. Also, _RefreshAllTetures is very important for my workflow.

Another nice trick is, if you have an active command and press the CTRL key on the Osnap tab, you find another type of options in the bar. This can be useful.

Sometimes, I use the Gumball for modeling, you know, clicking and drag a curve (using the arrows) with the SHIFT + CTRL keys holded.


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@tobias - fye,(for your entertainment) the lobby outside the ‘typing pool’ at McNeel, Seattle:


(Tom) #110

In Rhino, very often I use the _split command with the Isocurve and Shrink option on.
This allows me to create perfect blends.
Another tip, when using the blend surface or curve surface command I use the “Shift key” to move both ends equally. Very useful.


(Brian James) #112

This comes up from time to time from users contacting us in tech support… They’ve drawn a curve in the Top view and used Osnaps on 3D objects as they worked. When they go into Perspective, the curve is not planar as they expected. The solution is to draw the curve using the “Project” option in the Osnap settings. This way the XY location of the Osnap is used in Top but the Z location projects to the active Cplane i.e. 0 in the Z axis for World Top.

If your curve is already not planar, you can use SetPt with Z only or ProjectToCplane.


@pascal … hahaha nice!! The Elmo who makes everything soft and friendly :hugs:

I don’t have an Elmo, but here on my shelf sits my cute baby Rhino to make life good again in moments of (modeling) despair:

greetins, Tobias

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Nice image: ‘Go Rhino’.



Can there ever be an available list of Test commands? Or are there simply too many to list?



Hi Primož! Thanks a lot for CurveBoolean!!! Very useful!

(Luc) #118

Let me add Fullscreen. It saves me precious space when working in Grasshopper.
(@thedevs: it would be great to have the command line be still visible, but as a transparent overlay!)


here is a workaround for the command line:
_FullScreen _CommandPrompt Show=Toggle Enter

you have to leave it with escape, running the command again hides the CommandPrompt

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Is there a way to make ortho views project automatically? I often ‘forget’ what mode I’m in and don’t realize it until it is too late and have to fix it. If I could lock ortho views to project and keep perspective views switchable, I think I would like it.