What method to make duplicate objects one a block and rest instances of it?

as subject heading,

load of rivets , best I make one a block and the others instances, but I dont want to have to copy paste the block out to where they are all over again.

So how to I make one of them the block and the others the instances ?

I also need them to take on the colour of whatever layer I move them to, they refuse to do so when instances.


On the replacing front, I think you are out of luck. You might be able to use something like Splop, set to rigid to help accelerate the replacement, as at least that will orientate it to the surface, but it is still going to be a by hand process (unless I’m missing something).

As for a block inheriting a color of the layer, before you make the your rivet into a block, change the color of it from the default By Layer to By Parent, then block it. It will then pickup whatever the layer color is that it is inserted on.