What is the problem with this,, i cant flowsurface this normally

after i flowsurface , the object places over the target surfaces around the ring which i not purpose way,

whats wrong have i done with it ? thanks

Hello - please try ShrinkTimmedSrf on the target surface before flowing. If you run this command with the control points of the surface turned on (F10) then you will be able to see what it does.


Pascal beat me to it :slight_smile:

Trimmed surfaces are not only the result of a trim operation. they could be created by other commands as well.
and when you have a surface that has been created in any way that eventually creates a trimmed surface (Boolean commands included), you’ll always have the original surface that it was trimmed from “remembered” by the trimmed surface.
that is why you could use “untrim” to untrim it back to what it was before the trim.
as Pascal has mentioned you could use F10 (show control points) to see if the surface is a trimmed surface that “remembers” its original shape, so if that is the case, you could use the ShrinkTimmedSrf as Pascal has mentioned or in other cases if that wouldn’t solve it, you could recreate the surface with sweep2rail for example… and that will certainly will not create a trimmed surface.



The target surfaces is the extract surfaces from the ring body part… Not by trim

How can i do to make the object on the surfaces target i have ? Thx , i am just beginner heheh :slight_smile: thx and sorry for my bad english say

Well… I guess the first and best thing to do would be to try the command I suggested and see if it helps.

After i do with the comm with cp on, it say already shrunk

Did you try to flow along surface again? it did work for me in your file.

i do with shrinktrimmedsrf and show already unshrunk with cp on…

the surface i got is from extracted surface from ring surface and smash the surface then smartflow cant done, also flowalongsrf cant done,

anyway, i will do again later according Mr.Pascal say, and try resweep with ring surface’s needed surface edges :slight_smile:

Mr.Roy do you have the object flow on the target surface area only? thx for Mr.Pascal and Mr.Roy , later i go home will try again… :slight_smile:

Yes. I have the objects flow on the target surface only.
using your original file and without making any other changes to that file…
The only thing you need to do, is to run the ShrinkTimmedSrf as Pascal said, on the target surface.
that will be enough. then flow the objects and you will see it will work.

It only tells the target surface to forget its “original surface” (that is was trimmed from) and shrink the surface into what you can see only. not keeping the data for the “original surface”. as I said, if you did sweep2rail to create that target surface it will also work, but ShrinkTimmedSrf is faster and makes more sense.

The key here is to understand that you get trimmed surfaces even when you are not running the “trim” or “split” commands, but there are a few commands that will create trimmed surfaces for you as you work and it is normal.

Sometimes (like now) you have to make the trimmed surface “forget” what is was before by using ShrinkTimmedSrf or you will get your objects flowing along the original surface.

You can read this page here as well: http://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/5/help/en-us/commands/shrinktrimmedsrf.htm

woah, its work perfectly done :slight_smile: , before i shrink it without CP on, only CP on after shrink, so i dont get what is shrink for :slight_smile:

thanks Mr. Pascal and Mr. Roy… salute :slight_smile:

and i get it what Mr.Pascal mean now heheh :slight_smile:

BIG Thanks for You Both :slight_smile: