What info panel tells me a surface is planar and a line is parallel to current Cplane?

Wish to select a surface and be told somewhere that its planar.

Where is this indicated ?

I have looked at details and also analyze and see no indication.

Also… how can I tell a straight line is ortho (parallel) to my ortho window. If I am in a Cplane that is angled to the original starting Cplane, I wish to see if a line is parallel to this current Cplane when in an ortho window of that Cplane, apart from panning the scene to the edge of the ortho window and doing a visual !


Hi Steve - you can use this script to query surfaces for planarity - to within tolerance, that is. Unzip, and then drag and drop onto Rhino to add these aliases:


SelPlanar.zip (602 Bytes)



You might consider adding SelNonPlanerCrv and SelNonPlanerSrf to that script. Usually I’m trying to find the non-planer stuff since that is usually where the problem lies. Will add it to my arsenal either way, thanks.

Hi Pascal,

many thanks