What have you made with MESH+?

So after years of sitting on it, I am one plugin away from getting around to finishing Mesh + 3 and finally releasing it. This will be a much more efficient and pretty drastic overhaul of the toolkit.

But before I jump back into it I’d love to know (and see) what you have made with

Trying to figure out what it is really used for, what is possible, and generally get a little inspiration on where to go.
Please reply to this post if you would like to show off something you have made.
Or feel free to suggest what you would like to see in a future release of any of these toolkits.


Hi David,
I’ve used various elements of M+ over the years but one I’ve found particularly useful is the Face Band component, which “Indexes mesh faces by their topological distance from naked edges or selected points.” It was employed in making these two objects:


Not sure if these are inspirational but come back from ~2013, i believe with the first iteration of mesh+

i had so much fun using mesh+, i will dig further in my hard drive and post other images.

btw the new plugins look amazing!


I haven’t used it in a while, but had fun making these 3D printed sculptures (and a few others).


I remember seeing images of this work, but didnt realize it used mesh+.
Very cool!

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Love these prints!
Was the color done post print?

No, the coloring was was part of the design. Printed in Shapeways’ “full color sandstone.”

Please don’t change Mesh+ (Unless you are just making it better performance with more new stuff), honestly it’s perfect as it is, all options and the way it works included. I can’t recall everything, but there are many useful things and options I am always using with it.