What gap to allow if a hole is to accomodate an axle in abs 3D printing?

Anyone experience of 3D printing in abs ?

I wish to make a hole in an object through which an axle rod will fit.

what gap should I allow given the tolerances involved or is this so variable depending on different machines ?

I dont want to find that its too tight. Item will be glued over the axle, its not a working part.

I am not sure if the edges of the layers end where the axle circle is in CAD, or if the centre ‘quad’ point of the radiused end of the layer is at the cad circle, in which case part of the layer end would be a tad beyond the axle circle.


Variable according to different machines. Check with the person/company that will be printing it.

ok, reading help guidance one site , said 0.4mm.

Which of my two drawings does the abs layering principle follow, does anyone know ?


If it’s critical, just drill the hole after printing.

Yep, just undersize the hole a bit in the model then drill out after printing.

I have to agree with drilling after. We have a few 3d printers, and what we do is print dense where the holes will be, and then set-up on a CNC machine to place the holes. If the accuracy doesn’t matter, we will still print dense in the hole area, but will add an undersize hole and manually drill it out.