What free CAD software can import obj and work well with Rhino?

A friend has ditched Autocad as he is not using it enough to warrant the expense.
I dont think Autocad can import and work on .obj anyway.

What FREE cad prog should he get to do the following …
We ( I hope) can import ,.obj from Photogrammetry and use it as a basis to draw up anything from airframes to engines, propeller blades and aircraft components.
run sections through it, shrink wrap it to smooth it out, obj comes in with its true image, looks real etc.

We need to find a free CAD prog that works on .obj with its mapped image, basic drawing tools, sections, establish best fit curves, extrude them, and create a solids model of the item that is a mesh.
he has got Q CAD but I think its got zero ability with .obj, correct me if I am wrong.

what prog for a beginner to CAD and mesh would you recommend ?

To send him Rhino drawings and he send me CAD drgs is part of the workflow.

multiview top front left and perspective as Rhino , would be useful.
he works in old school ways, with projections and ortho views, making a 2D plan of an ittem to then make a 3D item from it, so a Rhino 4 view would be easier on the mind.
I am trying to get him into 3D as its a lot more sensible to draw up a 3D item using 3D tools and ways !


Probably Blender with some additional plug-ins.

Autodesk Fusion 360 is available for free personal use also.

Blender 100%

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but Blender ain’t a CAD program in the traditional sense.

Blender is really bad at drawing curves, and doesn’t do NURBS - if this is what Steve1 means with ‘solids’.

How about FreeCAD? Too sophisticated?
It does .obj anyway.

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I have been looking at Plasticity,
not free but very cheap $$.
Ok if the background could be made light, terrible idea is charcoal grey for CAD work. Plans having to be made very fark so as not to dazzle.
white lines on grey for grid, but plans dont come white lines on grey, so darkening them just makes them unreadable.
works woth .obj but I dont see any examples or titorials at all.
Layers ?


I don’t know where you are searching, but just a casual search on youtube gives me plenty of tutorials for plasticity.
I would even say that the number of video turorials is astonishing for a piece of software this young.

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Plasticity certainly looks good
BUT the charcoal grey background is a killer.
we work with loads of scanned plans, and such in a normal CAD background are ok on the eye, but having to reduce the opacity of a plan to make it not stark and glaring on the eye is not good practice as the lines become faint.
They havent replied to my ask of how to make things normal CAD, so are more interested in being a blender than a proper CAD working environment.


But not a serious CAD prog.

Fusion360 is the focus of my attention for a friend instead as a result.


I don’t see how a different background color makes it harder on the eye?

If your plan in black lines and white background, against dark Plasticity background, it is technically the same against any other background color, the brightness of the plan pixels remains unchanged.

I would suggest invert your plans in photoshop (or any other color editing you would like) before importing.

From this video it also looks like you can change background color to any preference?