What does not logged in mean?

I just downloaded the latest wip and I see it says I’m not logged in on the startup window.
Why is that there and why should I be logged in when I am admin running Rhino from my computer.


For the most part you can completely ignore it.
It has to do with your Rhino Account,

and is related to the Cloud Zoo feature.

As John Brock said, if you’re not interested in using your Rhino Account to use Rhino, you can completely ignore it.

If you use the Cloud Zoo, then your Rhino Account information will appear on the splash screen.

Maybe if the license is standalone or classic Zoo, Rhino shouldn’t confuse matters by showing the avatar and “not logged in”. It seems if it is best to ignore, it shouldn’t be shown.

Logged as RH-36986.

RH-36986 is fixed in the latest WIP