What controls the greying out of this Dialogue box?

Hi everyone,

I often go to Properties > Materials and click on the name of a linked image to find it’s file path and the dialogue box to the left pops up (see below). Two questions:

  1. Sometime the options in this dialogue box are greyed out and sometimes not. What causes this? I am unable to discern for myself.

  2. the file path is shown in grey text and a blue background in this field. I’ve tried reset all colors to default but this is still blue. I have to screenshot and zoom in to read the file path. Any idea how to change this?

Hello - I don’t know… what happens if at the material level you click on the ‘…’ does that bring you to a location where there is an image file that makes sense?


Hi Pascal,

When I click on the “…” it takes me to the most recently traveled to file path common to all open instances of Rhino and not the file path associated with the specific linked image.

Hi Ryan - can you export an object that has that material and send it to us, at tech@mcneel.com? Please include a link back to this conversation in your comments.


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@andy, @johnc - I’ve not been able to reproduce this so far here, with Ryan’s file - does either of you have an idea what could cause this?


Hi Ryan,

I think the blue text is because the text is selected but the control is disabled – which is a bug. I will fix this. But the main problem is that the UI is grayed out. This happens when the current renderer does not support the kind of render content being displayed.

It looks like the current renderer does not support textures – which would be a bit odd. First, what is the current renderer set to? Second, could you type TestSupportsFeature and post the output here?