What are Ngons?

There is NgonulateMesh, but no help for it. I have no clue what it does, and I don’t know what are Ngons.

An NGon is an “N” sided polygon.

In version of Rhino prior to 6, meshes were limited to 3 and 4 sided polygons (faces). In Rhino 6, mesh faces can have any number of edges.

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At the moment this appears to be limited to planar faces. Is the intention that there will be ngon faces that are non-planar?

edit: it does appear that non planar are possible but the command NgonulateMesh produces only planar ngons. Is this intentional?

What? How can mesh faces be non-planar?

3 points determine a plane. Any more than that and all bets are off. Even quads can be (and often are) non-planar…