Weird Pipe

In the attached file I have a curve that was created by projecting another curve (composed of lines and arcs) on to a curved (cylinder) surface.

Problem Pipe.3dm (42.3 KB)

When I try to make a pipe (0.015") I get this:

Why the weirdness?

When in the _Pipe command, try checking the “Fit Rail” option.

Hi Jim - the curve segments are not tangent. Use GCon to check- some are off by a lot.


the only way i got that to work was to insert a knot next to each end point where it breaks the pipe, then join and remove the endpoint edit point. be sure to select fit rail as Timothy suggested and it works.

Let me the back up. Here is the same to which I have added the original pattern. This is just a bunch of lines with filleted 90 degree corner.

I have also added a cylinder.

Then I project the 2d filleted lines to the cylinder (where I started before).
Problem Pipe.3dm (51.0 KB)

Is this something that is never going to work or needs a different approach?

Hi Jim - the curve segments in the planar set are not tangent either - some are off by 8 degrees.


Thanks. I am puzzled how that wold have come about as all the curves were created with Fillet. I rebuilt it doing what I thought was the same and got it to work.