Weird number appears in Gumball moving

Recently, weird numbers appear when I tried to use Gumball move. From my understanding, this place should display the last moving distance. This thing keeps happening at different times and in different models.
I also attached my Units setting:

Hi -

That is what it should be doing, yes.
If you click on an arrow and type a number, the next time you click on an error, that exact number will be displayed in the box. If you click on an arrow and drag with the mouse, the exact distance that you moved the object with the mouse will be displayed in that box.
Are you seeing something else?

Hi Wim:
Thanks for your answer! Now it totally makes sense to me.
Just one question remains, does this feature could be turn off? Cuz I think it’s not exactly like this before I update the software.

Please add an option in the settings so the user can choose from multiple Gumball behaviours.

I don’t think this is very good. With a long decimal point, only the last value manually entered by the user can be recorded. Don’t record the value directly dragged