Weight in rhino

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is there a way to check weight for object in rhino?:confused:
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No, but you can calculate volume of a closed object using the Volume command. Then you only need to multiply with the material density to get weight.

how can i check material density?

in rhino…
not by the web…

from what material your object will be made of?

any material.
gold or silver or copper

Ask your supplier of materials for technical charts where you will find density of a material (different gold alloys will have different density). When you get it you will be able to determine mass of closed object, mass = density * volume. If you want to have it inside Rhino, you will have to write plugin which will read density from an external file (material - density data), allow user to select material from which solid object will be made of and then calculate masd

i am new in rhino, i am now lernning the softwere, if the object is gold. then i check the density of gold in the web? (in the web it is 19.30). then i multiply it with the result created by the volume command?

Yes. Pure gold has density 19320 kilograms in cubic meter. If you have units set up to mm in Rhino, your volume will be in cubic mm, so you will have to use proper density units. For.example kg/m3 = 1000 g / (100010001000) mm3. So density of pure gold is 19320 1000/(10001000*1000) = 0.01932 grams/mm3.

for jewelry use http://www.food4rhino.com/app/smart3d-quoter5

You cab find useful this Volumen y peso.7z (23.1 KB)

i downloaded smart3d and installed it
it do not works
how can i make it work?
thaks for the help

don’t know mine works fine
i select an object and get weight and price
needs internet connect to download data

This problem is real. If you design an airplane in Rhino, you cannot balance it because you cannot assign weights and densities to materials.

You could use grasshopper with kangaroo to find an object’s state of equilibrium. Maybe not for an aircraft, but for many products, such as suspended luminaires, outdoor furniture or public sculpture, it works well enough.

Otherwise, you could find a colleague in engineering who can do analyses based on component weight, centre of gravity, acceleration, etc. in ANSYS: List > Results > Reaction Solutions > when the analysis is running, you will obtain mass and centre of gravity. You can assign mass to geometries, then input accelerations to load it.

Hello Al_davidson,

this is Fernando of the RhinoGold team.

You can check the weight of gold, silver or other material with our 3D software for jewelry, RhinoGold.

In the picture below you can check in real time the weight of an Eternity ring

In this other picture you can check the weight on any object in real time by selecting it and look at the panel on your right

In the following 2 pictures you can have a look at how to upload your own material

If you want to have further info on RhinoGold 6.5, please feel free to contact me at fernando@tdmsolutions.com

I will kindly help you out.


Try ‘Peters Tools’ as there is a BOM function and you can assign ‘real materials’ for just about anything.

I have a free downloadable volume-to-metal weight converter at:

if you are interested.

Yep…Peter tools is great…I just wish it was ported to work in R6.