Analyze weight of object in V5

I see no ability to analyze weight in V5 analyze command.
To have an option there which asks for g/cm3 value for example would be very useful.
I would have thought that such would exist by V5.

Is that possible to add in ?


Hi Steve - see


Hi Steve,

I use a plugin for this from Peter Harris called PeterTools, link here:

The RealMaterialTools allows you to assign real material presets (lots already in place) and then teh BOM command outputs all the object information, including weight in both command line and Excel if you want it too.

Lots of other great tools there too.



I’ll take a look, just hoped for something in the analyze list.
I am creating shapes that will be silicone moulds so not sure if preset data has data on silicone and its variants.
I get the chance you say to add real material presets, could be good. I asume you enter a name and a g/cm3
I need to explore that lot and see whats what.

The other link is python code or something, at first look and seeing mention of coding etc, I backed off a bit, hoping that such had been replaced now with a command without user addition and the realms of coding to create such.

it all takes extra time to get ones head around, and there I am with a mountain to climb on this job.

Maybe all these things will be in there by default in a V5 update one day.


it’s actually pretty easy if you have the material density information in any units (then convert it). Your silicone suppliers should be able to tell you that.

When you run the _RealMaterialTools command you get this:

only 8 materials are listed there, if you click on _EditMaterialList this text file with the stored densities and info on where to find more shows up:

No default tool would have what you are missing: the density of the specific silicone mixes and durometers you are using. And I doubt McNeel will focus on something like this anytime soon.

…This is not default but it’s really really easy. No coding required.


As G says. It is really simple to use these tools. Go for it!

Other than that, you can of course copy the volume information from Rhino into Excel and get the result there. Or use a calculator.

Also, to put your expectations / hopes in a realistic perspective:

No new functionality will be added to RH5.