Webinar: Top 5 Features Jewelry Designers Love

Online Webinar: Top 5 Features Jewelry Designers Love
by ERGOCAD and Rafael Del Molino

ERGOCAD, in collaboration with the RhinoArtisan development team is organizing another free online webinar to introduce the unique features of specialized software.

This webinar will help you learn the basics of RhinoArtisan and see how to take advantage of five unique features specifically designed for jewelry designers. With RhinoArtisan, you will save valuable time while gaining even more design freedom.

The webinar will be conducted using the latest version of RhinoArtisan, 5.1, which is compatible with Rhinoceros 8.

Speaker: Rafael Del Molino
Language: English
Duration: 60 minutes
Who it’s for?: Jewelry designers, manufacturers, shop owners and those who love jewelry design in general

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Posted Dec 12, 2023 by Agustina Jaime on Rhino News, etc.