[WEBINAR] Day 1 Challenge (28/04/2020)

Thanks to everyone who joined this morning! Find below the links of all models and materials you need for the challenge. You will find the challenges related to the concepts discussed this morning in the red groups, with a question starting with 1 (for Day 1).

  1. Download and install the following plugins:
  1. Download the first file of our Grasshopper challenge (we’ll optimize this file throughout the webinar):
  1. Check out the final result for this table after applying the concepts of this webinar:
  1. Create a Free ShapeDiver account (if you want to test your own models):

Additionally, find below the examples Edwin went through during this morning’s webinar, since they were requested by a lot of participants:

We hope to see you all tomorrow!


Here is a version of the initial Ribs Table for the challenges that is compatible with Rhino 5. Some modifications had to be done because the Curve | Line intersection component does not exist in Rhino 5


Hi Mathieu and Edwin,

Thank you for the webinar this morning looking forward to the continuation tomorrow morning.

Attached is my attempt at optimising the Rib Table definition.RibsTable_DB.gh (157.9 KB)


I couldn’t attend the events but would love to review the content - will you be making it available to view online?

@ed.cawthorne The recordings will be available on youtube in a couple of weeks.

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Hi, I tried the model, it looks nice and simple. Is this the full optimized version? I felt it took too long for such as simple model. Maybe its just my internet.

Please, try not so long do that!..
Need that to better understand the webinar,
and the exercises.
Sometimes the audio is out, sometimes difficult to understand, sometimes need more slow attention to learn details.

@ShynnSup the internet connection, your location in respect to the servers from which the model is being processed (In this case Europe) and the device you use also affect the speed of cloud applications. That is why we need to optimize our models as much as possible to make other external factors less relevant.

Hi @edsahergom,
Are the servers only in Europe? For a client based in Australia, is there a way we can make it faster?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @trnggupta91, the servers available for our regular plans (Free, Designer, Designer Plus, and Business) are based in Frankfurt.

We offer Enterprise plans the ability to start a private server anywhere AWS has a data center, this reduces ping/latency to send/receive information. Please note that general computation times still depend on the Grasshopper file.

I recommend reading this article to understand these concepts better.

If you want to discuss this option, please email me.