Weaverbird's Picture Frame with Distance as list

Hi @piac how do I take advantage of the distance list input of your component or am I missing something?
In this example I tried with some gradient values, but the result is not what I expected, please could you attach an example how actually works with list?

Thank you Giulio!

WB_PictureFrame.gh (7.0 KB)

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Hi Thomas @ThomasE

Weaverbird Picture Frames uses edges. See an example here.

WB_PictureFrame.gh (11.5 KB)

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:sweat_smile: thank you @piac! I thought that it worked with vertices such as your wbOffset.
Do you have any future updates in mind? maybe some mesh-related tools such as creases, bevels and chamfers (just an idea) Anyway thank you for your awesome plugin!