Weaverbird's Stellate / Cummulation - Distance Problem

Hi Everyone,

I have trouble varying the distance from my Weaverbird stellation.
The component info states that the distance input can be insert as a list, where every item applies to the coresponding element of the mesh. My list varies a lot, but the WbStellate output is all the same.

The number of mesh faces and list items is the same.

Also, the distance is irregularly affected whether the input is grafted or not.

I am greatly confused…
Hope you guys can help!

Weaverbird_Stellate_Distance_Problem.gh (29.5 KB)


Your issue can be resolved by simply joining and welding your individual meshes before feeding them to the wbStellate component.
Furthermore, you now don’t need to graft your distance values, since your providing a single mesh and wbStellate will apply the distances to individual mesh faces.

Weaverbird_Stellate_Distance_Problem2.gh (21.0 KB)


Thank you so much! Works perfectly!

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Do I understand it right that the simple mesh copmonent Outputs not a single mesh but every face as a single mesh? So the first item of my distance list was repeated to all items of the mesh list?

Well, yes and no! You’re passing a list of neighbouring, rectangular surfaces to the SMesh and it returns you a list of individual meshes with a single quad face for each of the input surfaces. Since, these meshes were derived from neighbouring surfaces of a previously divided loft surface, you can join and weld the individual meshes, if you need a single mesh, similar to the loft. This mesh will have the individual quad meshes from before as faces.

You passed the list of individual meshes from the SMesh to the M input of the wbStellate component and a tree with 84 branches with 1 distance value each to its D input. This meant that each distant got applied to each of the individual meshes. So you’re probably right!

I see, I guess :smiley:
Thank you P1r4t3b0y It’s great to have a working solution, but even greater to (start to) understand why!