Weave items into a list branch at specified index

Yes its list hell day…

I have list of curves that are sequential in +ve x direction.
Each x location is a station (every 1m along the model for example). There are 50 stations for a 50m model for example. So the main list has 50 items.
There may be one or n curves at each station
I need to insert, or weave some curves starting at station 15 say, into the list (thus forming a new branch)

If I use INSERT the list is flattened.
If I use Weave new items are weaved starting at station 1 (incorrect)

These items all line up

What is this compnonent?



Perhaps what I need to do is create a list that is empty from item 1 to item n, and then append the list I want to insert and then just use MERGE?

MergeAtIndex.gh (17.5 KB)

The task is to merge the second small list so its first item begins at 12 not 1

Like this?

MergeAtIndex_re.gh (20.7 KB)

Yes! Bravo. Thank you.
(thats way more brain power than should be required for combining lists with an offset IMO)


Presumably converting a number to its ascii code letter?


David, could you make REPLACE a little “smarter” and allow different length masks and paths

if there are 4 masks and 30 paths just replace the 4 masks! - (instead of throwing an exception )

The amount of list work required to get everything to match perfectly to feed into this MODULE is not trivial to cope with unforeseen geometry generating unforeseen lists that then break the model



The difference between these two may be obvious for list gurus, but for designers that have their head deeply into design problems, this is where designing ends, brain must be emptied, and programming hat dorned for days.

If it wasnt for the generous help of people on these forums, this level of work would be prohibitively difficult