Combining lists into one

Hello! I’m a bit new to Rhino and Grasshopper and I’ve got a bit of a problem in my hands:

I’m working on building a volumetry that corresponds to the max volumetry allowed by law in my city. To make each floor there needs to be a certain lateral distance from the neighbour plot, and each floor has its height.

The height of each floor is defined by the first python formula, whilst the lateral distance is defined by the second. But I need each lateral distance to go up only the height correspondent to the list index. How do I do that?
Grasshopper (29.1 KB) TCC.3dm (156.1 KB)

You want like this?

maybe only this?

thank you! It doesn’t solve completely but I think I can go from here :slight_smile:
I actually “solved” like this, the ugliest way possible

Could it be any better?
TCC.3dm (143.8 KB) Zona (845.3 KB)

Simply use this you don’t need combine lists

Zona (818.3 KB)

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you’re my saviour :sob: thank you so so so much!!

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