We don't have to uninstall v4 when we upgrade to v5, right?

The IT supports want me to show them an official statement that they don’t have to remove Rhino4 when they upgrade to Rhino5.

Maybe here or here

Yes, but not quite explicitely.

You don’t have to remove Rhino 4 when you upgrade to Rhino 5.

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You need a notarized certificate…? :smile:

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Thanks Steve!

You can send 'em this…

Certificate.pdf (491.0 KB)

Thanks Mitch, I’ll keep that for the second round of negociation!

The certificate is probably the right idea, but it’s not personally signed in ink by Mr. Robert McNeel.

Yeah, and it doesn’t have an embossed notary’s seal… Sorry, I did my best… :wink: