What is the best way to remove RH5 without affecting Rh4

Want to remove RH5 from win7 64bit to reinstall an earlier SR. without screwing up Rh4 on the same machine.

What is the best way ?

As far as I can tell, uninstalling RH5 shouldn’t affect RH4 in any way.

That said,…

  1. What is wrong with the SR of RH5 that you are running?
  2. What is in RH4 that is wrong in RH5?

When I was running Rh5 beta and deleted it via add /Remove it affected the licence file in V4 had to re install.
Now have v5 upgrade that I need to go to an earlier SR for a program to run.

Just checking before I do this.

@brian, could you chime in here?

Rhino 5 installs an updated license manager that supports Rhino 4 and older products. Try as I might, I was never able to make the Rhino 5 installer just leave it there during uninstall. The result is that removing Rhino 5 will may cause Rhino 4 to not find a license.

However, you don’t need to uninstall or reinstall Rhino 4 - just installing Rhino 5 again is enough to get Rhino 4 working.

Thank you I will do that