We are looking for a designer to construct a golf grip in 3D

We are considering various software packages for our golf grip products. We are looking to hire a consultant to create a golf grip in 3D using Rhino. A 2D drawing will be provided along with instructions and specs for the final product. Our goal is to evaluate how to create a mechanical surface texture. This texture may be comprised of grooves, cross hatching, dimples, etc. All with specific dimensions for depth, width, etc. We are based in NC and would prefer a consultant close to us, but for sure needs to be based in the USA for this project. Please contact me at stevejdavis@eaton.com for more information.

Too bad I am in EU :wink:

I’m in Annapolis, MD and while the design of sailing boats makes up primarily that which I do, I’ve also been involved in industrial design. Not sure where it is in NC you are located, but it is normally a six hour drive. to many parts from where we live.

Hi Robb
We are looking for a designer experienced with surface texture in order to put rhino to the test. If you have skill here please send images of your work.

Many thanks for your inquiry. I’ve attached some examples of my work in Rhino and Flamingo. I’ve created numerous rendering of my CAD files mostly for boats and many for industrial and mechanical design as well. I’ve been using Rhino since its inception as a free beta download and feel quite comfortable with it. I’m pretty sure that I could meet your needs once given a sample photo, cad file or direction. I use Flamingo Nxt for rendering which thus far has met my expectations.

Surface texture presents no problem as seen in the anchor rendering which is of galvanized steel…also not the bell shaped object; a firewall venturi designed to measure the time it takes for a specified volume of air to escape from one room to another for the sake of fire control studies. The design I came up with meets regulatory requirements while offering good strength due to its interior structure. This model served to feed information to a 3-D printer that made numerous copies. The semi-translucent image is modeled to show the interior structure that remains perpendicular to the inner and outer surfaces thus offering excellent strength throughout.

Rob Ladd, Robb Ladd Design

Hi Robb
We need mechanical texture, not a print or design that is wrapped over an object. For example if you were to design a cylinder, then applied a mechanical texture like cross hatching to the surface, cut a cross section and can see the hills and valleys of the texture, that is what we want.
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Do you need a texture mapped to the object or actually alter the surface of the object, so for example it could be printed with crosshatching ?


It sounds like he needs to have the texture be geometry, for example:

Hmm, it is easy for cylinder and such, but for more complex forms it may be impossible to do in rhino. Btw, applying 3d textures id done directly onto molding forms, which costs ofcourse.

Unles it is purely visual - for product presentation, than it is a walk in the park :slight_smile:

I believe I may have sent this to you previously, but if not, please see the attached. thanks, Rob

Hi Rob
We have a designer we are using so we are good at this moment. thanks for taking the time for this. Regards