Way to set cplane to 2 planar crvs?

is there a way to select 2 intersecting planar curves and then place a cplane on them?

i know i can do 3pt , just looking for a way to do it quicker cause i have a lot to do.


You can set cplane to an object and if it’s a planar polycurve or an arc, it’ll work as expected. it’ll work on a line too, but you have no control over Y. Otherwise script.

Quickie hackie script…

SetCPlaneTwoIntersectingLines.py (843 Bytes)

mitch. i hope mcneel has you on the payroll for all that you do. :slight_smile:

got something weird going on, see the cap, not only does the cplane disappear, note that i try to draw a line and it only lets me snap to geometry.

also, could this work on curves too?

sorry to be picky. i appreciate it.

I don’t see that happening here. Seems like you had a couple of other video anomalies, are your drivers up to date?

Yes, it can be made to work with coplanar intersecting curves, I just limited it to lines because that’s what you asked. It’s always a crapshoot to decide where to put the plane origin and which direction to point the x-axis.

They don’t have to - I do all this stuff for free (also for fun). But to be completely honest, as a reseller I do get indirectly rewarded…

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i do “get” why, i get in trouble at work a lot spending too much time trying to script and streamline everything. sometimes i come up with some game changing things but my ratio to unfruitful adventures to successes is way unbalanced.

so what other anomalies did you pick up on that triggered the vid card question?

i do have the latest nvidia drivers.

@Helvetosaur I think what happens is that it can be that (one or two) points you use for defining the plane can be collapsed with the origin is it not? Otherwise I have no explanation for the disappearing cplane combined with not being able to draw geometry

Hi Gijs,

Yeah, I think you nailed it. That can definitely happen. Let me look at adding a couple more checks to prevent that.

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you are THE man! :+1:

Does this one work any better?

SetCPlaneTwoIntersectingLines.py (1.1 KB)

If not, just put up an example file where it fails so I can test/debug…

Here’s another one to try - written completely differently, can be two coplanar curves or lines, and they don’t need to intersect. Probably has some bug cases, but try it out.

SetCPlaneToTwoPlanarCrvs.py (1.9 KB)

the greysacle ones were perfect.

this one is a little odd, i’m going to have to work with it to give feedback. one thing i can’t select.

some PCRVS work fine. let me try and a grab. i’m barelyawale. lol thank you!

OK, feel free to post a file with something that you think should work but doesn’t.

i’m going to give it a nap today, i know i’m going to be busy. but mavbeeeeeeeeeeeee i can peek in. thanks again.

still some strangeness with the intersectin, the “L” throws it off in space, all the other work :slight_smile:

Which of the two scripts? Do you have a file I can reproduce it with?

i’m supper swamped, when i can i will, thak you

ok, this script seems to be working and not trowing the cplane in space. hate to add a request.

is it possible to work on curves like this?

SetCPlaneToTwoPlanarCrvs.py (1.9 KB) example.3dm (36.9 KB)

Those curves are in two different planes… How do you expect it to work?

wow, i am pretty stupid, i don’t know wtf i was thinking :frowning: