Warsaw Summer School - September 12-15, Warsaw (Poland)

Warsaw Summer School**
September 12-15, 2016
Architecture for Society of Knowledge
55 Koszykowa Street
00-659 Warsaw

Warsaw Summer School, organised by Architektura Parametryczna (a digital design educational platform) and Architecture for Society of Knowledge and Architektura Informacyjna (Master’s Programs by the Faculty of Architecture at Warsaw University of Technology), will take place on September 12-15 in Warsaw.

This year Warsaw City Council decided to run an architectural competition for a new bridge. The primary goal of this workshop is to find the most optimal position for a new bicycle bridge (or bridges) in Warsaw to enhance global accessibility and walkability. During the workshop the participants will develop an interactive tool to help understand the accessibility changes by connecting Vistula river shores with bicycle bridges.

This four-day event will includes coding and learning how to apply digital tools into urban-scale problems (32 hours), along with lectures from invited guests.

This workshop is for the intermediate user that understands and uses Grasshopper. It will be conducted in English.

Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Silverye, Elk, Shortest Walk, Human, gHowl, Unity.

A multimedia tool designed by Jacek Markusiewicz for data representation and design in VR.

Jacek Markusiewicz
Jacek Markusiewicz is an architectural graduate from Warsaw University of Technology and the Master in Advanced Architecture at IaaC Barcelona. He specializes in fields of parametric architecture, programming and responsive design. He has been working on different projects combining parametric approach and urban scale in international offices in Barcelona, Warsaw, and Beirut. He is a PhD candidate at Warsaw University of Technology and teaches at Architecture for Society of Knowledge Master’s Program and at the Faculty of Architecture of Warsaw University of Technology.

Adrian Krezlik
Adruab Krezlik is an architect and co-founder of Architektura Parametryczna, a platform dedicated to promotion of parametric design and digital fabrication. He has worked for Zaha Hadid Architects, FR-EE Fernando Romero and Michel Rojkind, and teaches at School of Form in Poznan.


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