Wall reconstruction from Point Cloud

Hi, I’m new on the forum.
I’m trying to replicate the method showed in “Parametric modelling approach to reconstructing architectural indoor spaces from point clouds” (article attached).

The main steps of the proposed approach are the following:

  1. Identify the important horizontal reference planes (floor - ceiling for each floor). This step was performed using the principle of “peaks in the histogram” (Martens and Blankenbach, 2020).
  2. Filter the point cloud using a significant segment of it to eliminate noise due to interfering objects.
  3. Project the filtered part onto a 2D plane to simplify the problem by eliminating the third dimension.
  4. Create a two-dimensional analysis of the voxelization method by creating a grid of cells and filtering the cells according to their coincidence with points.
  5. Classify the cells according to X and Y axes alignment.
  6. Create cell clusters by analysing their distribution along X and Y directions to estimate walls and overcome the presence of significant clutter and occlusions.
  7. Generate new points corresponding to valid cells.
  8. Connect the newly generated points to create wall construction lines.
  9. Filter and unify double lines of a wall.
  10. Use the generated wall construction lines to create wall geometries from the height retrieved from the main floor levels extracted in step 1.

I’m stucked and I don’t know how to extract automatically wall line from point cloud projection onto x-y plane.
I also attached the Point cloud file e.57 and the GH file showing my progress (It takes some minutes to run).
Someone can help me?
Thank you.
villa 1 floor subsample 5 cm+sos.e57 (5.3 MB)
Wall reconstrution from Point Cloud.gh (31.5 KB)

Hi @Andrea_Maffi,

Did you had a look at the cockroach plugin?

Yes I did but I didn’t found what I want

Maybe you need something like this: Slicing point cloud with output to dwg format using CloudCompare + Rhino + Grasshopper - YouTube