Wall issues

Working on a Demo/New work plan. How can we set up the walls to be independent of walls on other layers? The problem I am having is gaps in walls that I am moving to a separate layer than the defaulted “Walls” layering within Visualarq. I am trying to make 2 layers on top of one another to show the model with old work and another view with the new work.

Any suggestions?

Hi @1_Mike_D,

Currently there is no way to ignore walls when computing interferences. But there is a workaround: you could create the old walls first and then make a block with all of them. Walls that are on a block will not interfere with walls in the model, they will only interefere with walls on the same block. You could modify these walls using the BlockEdit command, and add new walls, or door/windows/etc while editing the block. You could also use a linked-and-embed block, so you could edit the old model using a separate 3DM, and then updating the linked block on the mail 3DM.

There is a “small” drawback: VisualARQ objects that are in a block will not draw section hatches, or plan decorations (like opening arcs). This is already fixed on VisualARQ 2.0.

That’s a good idea Enric, thank you for the suggestion to block the walls. This method will also satisfy the visual communication of the design intent via layer and material differences.

I have been using VisualARQ for a few years now and I am very satisfied with the plug-in. It has become a great tool in my kit of parts. I especially like the BIM aspect as I recently uncovered the ability to directly load a Rhino file into Navisworks, and that VisualArq components translate over flawlessly, material, layer, name… great time saver.

I’m excited for version 2.0!