Wacom touch tablets with Rhino

Still at it.

New idea: a three finger touch gesture could be used to navigate on the grasshopper canvas. The three finger ?swipe? would be the equivalent of right mouse hold down and drag. The settings do not allow such a use. But maybe a bit of xml editing? Does anyone here have some experience?

Wacom Mobile Studio here.
Win10, stylus, multitouch… working like a charm.

Hope this can help.

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yes mine also works like a charm, but:

Can you set a three finger ?swipe? to do a right mouse hold down and drag?

I didn’t tried. I’ll try and let you know.
… Best Wishes

Yeah, the goal is to use the Wacom tablet touch functionality to navigate in the grasshopper canvas

I’m using XP-Pen Star 05 Graphics Tablet
the pen input works just like mouse input with Rhino.