VSIX Installer fails: Microsoft Visual Studio Template Engine


I am trying to install Rhino 7 into Visual Studio, but with every method I try, I get the same error message: This extension cannot be installed because the following references are missing: Microsoft Visual Studio Template Engine.

Does anyone have a solution to that?


Solved it!

For everyone having the same issue:
Make sure you have .NET desktop development under Workloads for Visual Studio selected.


Hi! i am getting this error message even though i have the NET package installed.
It might be because i am using an M1 Apple Silicon Macbook?
I cant get it working on macOS or on Parallels Win11 (i tried VS22 and V22preview 17.4.4 )

macOS nuget package says “Warning, may not be fully compatible with your project”

Hi, can someone please take a look at this?

A lot of Rhino Users use Apple Silicon Macs now and this does not work still?

Hi @tolomeo,

This thread is marked as solved so it may be not many people are reading your follow up posts. I’d start a new thread and cross-ref to this one to get better exposure.


Hi @tolomeo,

The Visual Studio extensions found here work well on both Windows and Mac.

– Dale