VRay 3 - Too Grainy

Hi, I’m trying to render a night scene for my scene, using emmisive materials as lights and putting the Vray sun on a late afternoon. After I render, the image looks really grainy, as if the ISO were way too high on a camera.
I’m in no way a VRay expert, have just got my hands on VRay 3, don’t quite know how to fix it.


Hi happygaby101,
Emissive materials don’t work as a real light source. But you might try to tweak the sun a bit to let more light into the scene.

Then you might try to use Denoiser: https://docs.chaosgroup.com/display/VRAYRHINO/Denoiser


Check and see if the GI is on. That alone will add light everywhere. You could turn on ambient occlusion to define objects more. There is also GI overrides in the first column which control how bright GI is. Not sure why they split up the GI settings so much.

Big question - did you use output gamma 1 and the enabled sRGB button at the frame buffer?